Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long have you been in business?

IB Quality Homes Inc. has been a well-respected home builder since our inception in 1990. We are based in Dieppe, NB and have been making dreams come true all over southeastern, NB for 22 years. Irois has built more than 500 homes during his career, has over 40 years of experience in construction trades, and have extensive experience in the construction of all different types of new home. IB Quality Homes Inc. is proud to have specialized in building only 8-10 custom homes every year and an impressive 200 custom homes since 1990.

2. How much does it cost to get an estimate for a new build?

Quotes are free if you provide us with a working blueprint and a detailed list of what types of finishes you want. Please call us today to get yours. If design is part of the quote, the entire costs of this design will be absorbed at contract signing.

3. How much does a new home costs?

It is really unfair and very difficult to determine a price solely based on square footage. We do not price homes in this manner as it would not only be unfair to the customer, but it would also not be fair to us as the builder. We price each aspect of a home individually so that we can determine a fair and accurate price for each home.

The biggest factors in home costs are site factors (water table, slope, rock etc.); design (size, roof pitch, number of windows, siding material, number of baths,  etc.) and level of finishes chosen (custom cabinets, granite counter tops, stone, tile or marble flooring, specialty rooms etc.).

The best way to save money and time in the home building process is by choosing the right contractor at the outset.

 4. How do I compare quotes from different builders?

Competitive bids are never “apples to apples”, since each builder is calculating on a different level of quality, service and have different methods of estimating. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the bids are as descriptive as possible. Some builders may undercut other builders by “shortchanging” allowances or making substitutions that only a very experienced builder would recognize. When the plans are given out to bid, an outline should be given to each builder, breaking down the project the same way. The more you do your homework and find out what things should cost, the more likely it is that you will get the best value for your money.

Choosing a home builder should never be based on price alone, but the more clear information you can obtain about how the bid prices were reached, the better chance you have of making the right decision. Negotiating with one builder whom you have researched thoroughly and believe to be reputable and trustworthy is probably the best approach.

5. How does the process work?

Once blueprints are completed and approved by the customers. The following step in creating your dream home is ‘Pre-Construction Planning’ where we define in detail your exact requirements, hopes, and dreams.  Bring in your ideas, blueprints, photos, a rough sketch or simply your wish list. We will be able to ask pertinent questions giving you the pros and cons of various designs and styles. Because there are so many variables, sit down with an experienced new home builder /general contractor to discuss your options. Once you have completed this step, we will use these specifications to send out to suppliers and trades for detailed quotes to ensure your projects stay within budget.  From there, our draftsman will take the reins if needed.

6. How long does it take to build a house?

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering the timeframe to build a custom home. The construction timeline will vary and depends on the scheduling, weather conditions, project type, size, complexity, level of finish and many other variables. Each project has its own custom schedule which typically varies from 3-5 months.

7. Will I be able to visit my new house during construction?

We absolutely encourage the customer to visit their home daily to see the progress.  When you build with IB Quality Homes Inc. you’re considered a part of our family where we encourage an open door policy. A competent custom home builder will involve their clients throughout the whole building process encouraging frequent visits and will help you to learn your new home inside and out from the ground up as it’s being built. Frequent face to face communication with your builder is paramount as he is the link between you and the trades.

8. How can be certain we don’t exceed our budget during construction and still get what we want?

Most people dream about houses just beyond their means or budgets. Building your own home is a rewarding experience if you understand your budget and know what you want/ need  so plan first. Customers should then set a contingency over that budget and adhere to it, budgets usually don’t go over because of one item, but they deteriorate incrementally as those overruns add up. Overruns are the amounts spent building your custom home that goes beyond the original budget. This might include changes, additional work, low estimates, or unforeseen conditions. To best way to minimize the amount of added cost for the “little things” is to start your project with an accurate quote that can only be provided by an experienced builder.

Changes and additional work can be kept to a minimum by fully understanding what you are building before you start. Once you have accepted the design then you have to maintain the discipline to enforce the budget. You can always upgrade your home; but that costs money. Changes are inherently inefficient and only an honest builder can avoid you paying a premium for these changes. Changes create inefficiency, and some builders bid jobs low, planning to make up the money on their change orders. Once you are captive to a builder or subcontractor who sees changes as a gold mine, you’ve got a problem. The best strategy is to keep changes to a minimum. 

Customers should also know what each item costs in order to be confidant the allowances will adequately cover the costs of their custom home as they envisioned it and they’re getting charged fairly on overruns and receives proper credit for items removed from the project. Some builders may not have this information or may not want to share it with you. A good, honest, efficient home builder should be happy to provide you this information. The more information a builder doesn’t want to reveal to you, the more you should be wary of getting involved with that builder.



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